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Woodward Trivia Quiz

Courtesy of Wendy Prager, Class of '69

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1. What were the classroom numbers of the colonies?
a. # C-1 through C-10
b. 500's
c. 400's
d. L-A to L-K

2. What does Esse Quam Videri mean?
a. To be rather than to seem
b. To be true to thyself
c. To be a Tally Ho is more
d. To achieve, first dream

3. What song was performed at the opening of the Woodward Stadium?
a. Up, Up and Away
b. Louie, Louie
c. Hello Dolly
d. There was a stadium?

4. What was the real name of the school lunchroom?
a. The Acropolis
b. Room 400
c. The Meridian Room
d. Bistro Hannum

5.  Mrs. Bazell, American History teacher, had a nickname which was derived from her maiden name.
What was the nickname?
a. Razzle Bazell
b. Bo Bo Bazell
c. Bertah Bazell
d. Mint Julia Bazell

6. Anna B. Davis, the crusty, busty math teacher outlawed what in her class?
a. wet hair
b. slide rules
c. stupidity
d. jangly bracelets

7. Which US President graduated from Woodward?
a. William Henry Harrison
b. William Woodward
c. William Howard Taft
d. William Jefferson Clinton

8. What were the call letters of the school radio station, and from where was it broadcast?
a. WFAE coming to you from B-4
b. WWHS coming to you from Studio B
c. WOWA coming to you from the Ville
d. WFAI coming to you from B-3

9. What was chemistry teacher Nick Wyler's summer job?
a. summer school teacher
b. house painter
c. swimming pool manager
d. ticket-taker at a downtown burlesque house

10. What was the name of William Woodward's wife?
a. Susan B. Sawyer
b. Louise Semple Taft
c. Abigail Cutter
d. Helen Reading

11. Woodward High School holds which distinction?
a. first high school in Hamilton County
b. first high school built on feng shui principles
c. first high school in U.S. to admit slaves after the Civil War
d. Oldest free public high school west of Alleghenys

12. What prank was often perpetrated against the painting of the "Mona Lisa" on the first floor of the building?
a. a mustache painted on
b. condoms pasted to her ears
c. bubblegum and cigarettes were placed in her mouth
d. Her name was transliterated into Namo Sali in the title

13. The real purpose of Group 65 was to:
a. miss class
b. meet and greet visitors
c. provide a nicer niche for "those who had found their niche"
d. no one really knew

14. In-class Driver's Ed was taught by:
a. Frank Kling
b. Art Moehring
c. Harry Skiff
d. Coronet Films

15. Showcase always took place in which month?
a. April
b. March
c. July
d. February

16. Who was the school librarian?
a. Anna Borchin
b. Anna Doption
c. Anna Cordian
d. Laura Bush

17. How many schools were in the PHSL in 1967?
a. 8
b. 10
c. 12
d. 7

18. What was the subject of Dr. Rottenburger's doctoral dissertation?
a. Pliny's funeral orations
b. The Aeneid
c. Teutonic burial customs when the hordes invaded the Roman Empire
d. Teutonic culinary use of fennel and radicchio

19. Who was the WHS Athletic Director
a. Dave Plunkett
b. Tom Mitchell
c. Stanley Castelli
d. Sid Friedman

20. What teacher directed Showcase?
a. Frank Lang
b. Ron Aug
c. John Anaple
d. Al Oriez

21. Who was a major donor of money that enabled the building of the WHS stadium?
a. Fred Mayerson
b. Pete Johnston family
c. Dolly Cohen
d. Longview Annex Foundation

22. Who was the physician at Woodward sports events?
a. Doc Smith
b. Doc Collins
c. Doc Proctor
d. Jerry Springer

23. What was the name of the school newspaper?
a. Woodward West
b. The Oracle
c. Bulldog Barfs
d. Bulldog Barks

24. The school mascot was a:
a. bullfrog
b. bulldog
c. besenjii
d. bull moose

25. The official school address is on:
a. Seymour Ave.
b. Woodward Way
c. Reading Road
d. Paddock Rd.

26. Mr. Homer Caskey taught:
a. chemistry
b. art
c. English
d. gym

27. What WHS swimming relay team set a pool record for the Medley Relay in 1966 that still stands?
a. Ed Levine, David Sapadin, Louis Friedman, Robert Fleischer
b. Ed Levine, Louis Friedman, Mickey Braverman, Jim Routzong
c. Ed Levine, Stu Fabe, Robert Fleischer, Doug Hammond
d. Ed Levine, Marc Katz, Charles Klayman, Rick Steinau

28.  What was the name of the Driver's Ed "Fright" Film that was shot at Woodward circa 1964?
a. Death on Reading Rd.
b. The Last Prom
c. The Last Date
d. Drive Drunk - Drive Dead

29.  Who was the star of this film (Class of '66)
a.  Stella Stevens
b. Leslie Stevens
c. Shelley Stevens
d. Natalie Portman

30. What was Stan Castelli's summer job?
a.  Opera Singer at the Zoo
b. Swimming Pool Manager
c. Disc Jockey
d. Ran the Shooting Star at Coney Island

31.  What or Who was "FPL"
a.  Frank P. Lang
b. Frisch's Parking Lot
c. Fred P. Levy
d. Freedom & Peace League

32.  What was Miss Nickell's unofficial nickname?
a. Loudmouth
b. Monkey Woman
c. Old Miss Blood & Guts
d. Ann Margaret

33. What kind of car did Mr. Wingard Drive?
a. Little Red Corvette
b. Little White Corvette
c. Little Yellow Corvette
d. Nash Metropolitan

34.  Who were the two young, hip English Teachers?
a. Miss Butler and Miss Fisher
b. Miss Butler and Miss Kalski
c. Miss Butler and Miss Mellilo
d. Miss Butler and Miss Wabnitz

35. What kind of car did Mrs. Allen drive?
a. Little Red Corvette
b. Little White Corvette
c. Little Yellow Corvette
d. Nash Metroplitan

36) What color was Cleon Wingars's Corvette when he 
first arrived at Woodward in 1960?
a) Red
 b) Blue
  c) White
d) He didn't drive a Corvette in 1960


37)  In the early 1990's a novel called Circa 1957 appeared and it was set at Woodward.
Who was the author and what year did he graduate from Woodward?
a) Chuck Klein - 1960
b) Diane Mitman - 1959
c) Sid Lieberman -  1957
d) Howard Fast, but he never went to Woodward

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