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Woodward 50 Year Reunion
October 13-14, 2017
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Schroeder Jr. High School

Reunion Committee with Larry Lane and Frank Fothergil
Doug, Judy, Ed, David, Sue, Michael, Gig

Gary Smith

Harold Jarncki, Joel Kaplan, Andrea Wolf

North Avondale School
Back Row: Janyce Katz, Michael Blackman, Jan Kaplan Groshoff
Art Levine, Zelda Phipps Mattox, Sue Voos, Janet Pool Evans
Pat Jacobs Steinway

Front: David Sapadin, Stu Fabe, Jeff Fabe

Ron Murray, Doug Hammond


Janet Pool Evans, Jon Banks, Ron Burden
Karen Kopp Slattery, Steve Ashpaw, Janet Retzler Hinton, Bruce Greer,Doug Hammond, Peg Fay Feder, Ron Murray, John Applegate


Janyce Katz, Sue Voos
Marc Skurow

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