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Woodward Trivia Quiz

Courtesy of Gig Franklin

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1. William Woodward's Birthday (m-d-y)

2. William Woodward's place of birth (including the country)

3. Year of William Woodward's migration to the "soon to be" state of Ohio

4. WW's occupation by education

5. WW's other "jobs?"

6. WW's second wife's maiden name?

7. WW's 1826 Ohio charter - to create_________________________

8. WW's lawyer and friend - critical to WHS____________________

9. 1st Woodward High School Opening Day (m-d-y)

10. Date of WW's death (m-d-y)

11. 2nd WHS - year opened______________

12. Year of 1st Annual WHS Reunion (m-d-y)

13. Reason for 1st Annual Reunion______________________________

14. T/F -- The "boys" of Woodward fought for the Union in the Civil War, carrying a USA flag made by Woodward Girls; Flag is on
display in Museum.

15. Year WW Monument was dedicated___________________-

16. 3rd WHS Cornserstone Keynote Speaker was ____________________ on (m-d-y)

17. Exact date of #16 significance __________________________________________

18. 3rd WHS - year opened_____________ 4th WHS - year opened________________

19. "Our school" main hall entrance / hall -- list the artifacts: (Two main artifacts)


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