Losantiville School Photos


Fotos From Losantiville School Courtesy of Walter Schmidt, Ricky Kirschner
and Al Wagner

Back Row - 3rd from right - David Golden
Third Row - Extreme right - Mark Clayton
Second Row - 2nd from left, Bev Charkins, 4th from left Cliff York, 6th from left Randy Margolis, Extreme Right Barb Braverman
Front Row - Extreme left Ed Waterman 

Back Row - Randy Margolis, Scott Stern, 3rd from right, Bobby Osher
Third Row
Second Row - 3rd from left Leslie Nassan, 
Front Row - 2nd from left Cliff York, Ed Waterman, unk, Rick Wolfson

Back Row - 
Third Row - Mark Clayton, 4th from left David Golden, 6th from left Terry Mobberly
Second Row - Barb Braverman, Extreme right Bev Charkins
Front Row - Ed Waterman, Cliff York, extreme right Randy Margolis

Third Row - Scott Stern
Second Row - Ed Waterman, Cliff York, 3rd from extreme right Bobby Osher, Randy Margolis
Front Row - 3rd from left Leslie Nassan


Row 1: unk, unk, Ed Waterman, Leslie Nassan, unk,  unk, unk, unk
Row 2: Bobby Osher, Louis Heldman, unk, unk, unk, unk, Mike Finklestein, Rick Wolfson, unk, unk
Row 3: Ricky Kirschner, unk, unk, unk, unk, unk, unk, unk, unk


Sixth Grade Ms. Burkhart


Sixth Grade - Mr. Lee


Sixth Grade - Ms. Werth