North Avondale School Photos

Fotos From North Avondale School Courtesy of Walter Schmidt, David Sapadin, Stan Better, Janyce Katz Glazman
and the North Avondale '04 Reunion Committee

NA as we knew it

The New North Avondale

Old NA coming down...



N.A. Reunion 6/12/04

My Favorite Teacher - by Rich(ie) Felson

My favorite teacher when I was a boy,
Wasn't Kenny or Seward, or Mrs. McCoy.
My favorite teacher when I was a lad,
Wasn't Wiggerman or Ireland or Mr. Shad.
No, the teacher for whom I was a fan,
Was my lovely art teacher, Miss Monahan*

She could be quite nasty,
And by some she was hated.
But not me, I was very stimulated.
She influenced me though I wasn't yet grown,
She didn't require much testosterone.

Rumor had it that she could be seen
Spread out in Playboy magazine.
We never saw the pictures, of course.
But we heard it from Larry Malman,
...a reliable source.

When I thought of those pictures, it made my heart beat.
The Rose Hill girls just couldn't compete.
I learned imagination, to paint and to draw.
Imagining Miss Monahan
Without her bra.

Speaking of bras, just an aside,
Wiggerman used to stuff her tissue inside.
I still think of that woman today,
When in the heat of passion, I need to delay.

But Miss Monahan in an artist's smock
Something to look at besides the clock.
I could be wrong but its my recollection,
In art class I had my first......affection.
Whether she saw me looking, I can't recall.
Since I spent most of her classes out in the hall.
It's a crying shame the way we fighted.
I guess my love was unrequited.

In some old folk's home, there sits an old lady.
Still looking good, though she's well past 80.
I'll visit her room, but when she hears my call,
I hope she won't scream: "Out, out in the hall!"

*Some secret admirers remember her as Miss Mollihan.  Whatever her name, the memory's the same.

Mrs. Olmstead's 4th Grade Class


1-Gordy Weil 2-Tom Klein 3-Marc Katz 4-Jon Marshall 5-unidentified
6-Chris Cole 7-James Kriendler 8-Alan Samuels 9-e Schwartz 10-unidentified
11-Steve Buchwald 12-Marshall Littman 13-Edith Spitzberg 14-Maragret Ewing
15-Rhoda Collett 16-Unidentified 17-Calvin Spotted-Horse 18- Stu Fabe 19-LLoyd Vandever
20-David Sapadin 21-Mike Flint 22-Mrs. Olmstead 
23-Charlotte Kemp 24-Hope Michelson 25-Carolyn Atkins 26-Jan Kaplan
27-Nancy Maslov 28-Peggy Marks 29- Leatrice Taylor


1-Jeff Moore 2-Bob Schreiber 3-Cathy Schloss 4-Harian Jacobsen 6-Rhoda Collett 7-Barry Miller
8-MRS. Wilhoit
9-Penny Golding 10-Nate Hoffman 11-Rona Sue Smith 12-unidentified 13-Aaron Ross 14-Bob Fleischer
15-Albert Logan 16-unidentified
17-Charlotte Kemp 18-Sherry ?  19-Leatrice Taylor 20-Phyllis Reagan 21- Reggie Werthaiser
22-Janet Levine 23-Carol Engel  24-Emily Marks
25-Billy Marks 26-Ricky Dunie 27-Manfred Schall 28-Peter Osher 29-unidentified 30-Andy Stillpass

Front Row: Steve Cole, Lonnie Bing, Tom Rauh, Herbie Hass, Frank Simon
Second Row: Nina Friefeld, Emily Kapp, Jill Eber, Doug Gillman, Unk, Pat Jacobs, Maxine Watanabe, Unk
Third Row: Jeff Fabe, Helen Marks, Unk, Unk, Sue Voos, Janyce Katz, Zelda Phipps, Larry Eichel
Back Row: Mike Blackman, Marc Wilchins, Al Valensky, Ernie Warner, Stan Better, Stan Litz, Gerald Furer, James Cohn

Front Row: Gordy Weil, Larry Eichel, Stu Fabe, Danny Lewis, Steve Buchwald, Mike Flint
Second Row: Nicky Jacobs, Leta Hillman, Carol Atkins, Maxine Watanabe, Unk, Phyllis Reagan, Mickey ?, Leatrice Taylor, Unk
Third Row: Herbie Hass, Carol Engel, Benjy Schwartz, Pat Jacobs, Janyce Katz, Unk, Malcolm Montgomery, 
Dan Adler, Jan Kaplan, Bruce Read, Donna Flanagan
Back Row: Rich Katz, Jim Kreindler, Chris Cole, Stan Better, Peter Levy, Unk, Mark Hiudt, Scott McClure, Unk

Front Row: Eileen Harrison, Unk, Unk, Mike Flint, Unk, Rini Egherman, Charlotte Kemp, Hope Michelson
Second Row: Lonnie Bing, Tom Klein, Benjy Schwartz, Unk, Stan Better, Chris Cole, Unk, Unk, Johnny Davis, Stu Fabe
Back Row: Cathy Schloss, Phyllis Zuchowicki, Unk, Unk, Unk, Suzanne Bennett, Unk, Nicki Jacobs, Gordy Weil

Front Row: David Sapadin, Stu Fabe, Herbie Hass, Mike Flint, Gordy Weil
Second Row: Mickey ?, Pat Jacobs, Dan Adler, Donna Flanagan, Carolyn Atkins, Steve Buchwald, Maxine Watanabe, Lonnie Bing
Third Row: Phyllis Reagan, Unk, Mark Hiudt, Scott McClure, Chris Cole, Janyce Katz, Alan Vilensky, Beverly Norton
Back Row: Bruce Read, Richie Katz, Leta Hillman, Malcolm Montgomery, Benjy Schwartz, Jim Kreindler, Roy Williams, Mrs. "Mac"

Mrs. Ruby Schnorr's Third Grade
Front Row: David Sapadin, Steve Buchwald, Marshall Littman, Mike Flint, Gordy Weil, Phil Trounstine
Second Row: Hope Michelson, Pat Jacobs, Nicky Jacobs, Unk, Leatrice Taylor, Maxine Watanabe, Carol Engel, Charlotte Kemp
Third Row: Carolyn Atkins, Herbie Hass, Elaine Schoch, Phyllis Reagan, Janyce Katz, Sue Voos, Jon Marshall, 
Unk, Tom Klein, Calvin Spotted-Horse, Peggy Marks
Back Row: Lonnie Bing, Alan Vilensky, Richie Katz, Bruce Read, Mark Wilchins, Mark Hiudt, Rhoda Collett, Larry Early,
Stan Better, Stu Fabe

Trip To Washington DC

Front row from left: :Larry Schneider, Rusty Kallenberg, Tom Klein, Karen Halperin, Ellen Kuby, Leatrice Taylor, Arlene Mayerson, Kathy Miller, Kathy Friedman, Laurie Pollack, Cathy Schloss, Emily Kapp, Gordy Weil, Phil Trounstine, Ricky Dunie
Back Row from left: Art Levine, Marc Katz, Ernie Warner, Bob Schreiber, Peter Levy, Stan Better, unk, unk, unk, unk, Benjy Schwartz, Jim Kriendler, Tom Rauh, Bob Leibschutz, John Davis, Possibly Bob Fleischer


Last Row: 6th from left, Suzanne Voos, Janet Filger
Third Row: Steve Cole, Jeff Fabe, unk, Doug Gillman, Gerald Furer, Steve Cole, unk, unk, unk, Sam Guttman
Second Row: 6th from left Stan Better, Barb Goret, Emily Kapp
Front Row: Far right - Tom Rauh

Mrs. Kemp's 2nd Grade
Floor - Melvin Wimmer, unk, Sam Guttman, Steve Cole, Henry Ehrlich, Alex Warm
2nd Row - Unk, Harvey Rosen, Arlene Mayerson, Kathy Friedman, Tom Rauh, Barb Goret, Lynn Greenberg, Emily Kapp
3rd Row - Janet Pool, Johnny Orton, Janet Filger, Suzanne Voos, Joey Reis, Jeff Fabe, Jim Cohn, Mike Blackman
Back Row - Rusty Kallenberg, Doug Gillman, Bob Radin, Marc Wilchins, unk, Jerry Furer, Zelda Phipps, unk

Mr. Berliner and Ms. Arkena's 5th Grade Class

Front Row: Jeff Fabe, Steve Cole, Manfred Schall, Peter Osher
Second Row: Barb Goret, Pat Jacobs, Jill Eber, Marta Kutas, unk, Zelda Phipps, Debbie Johnson, Nina Friefeld
Third Row: Mr. Berliner, Doug Gillman, Marc Wilchins, Belinda Owens, Sue Voos, Janyce Katz, Arlene Mayerson, Tom Rauh, Ms. Arkena
Back Row: Michael Rooks, James Cohn, Mike Blackman, Ernie Warner, Gerald Furer, Harvey Israel, Herbie Hass

As I recall, this exact same thing happened around...1959?
Except we were there for it! Some things never change...

Courtesy of Stu Levy


Kindergarten  - Mrs. Olmes


First Grade - Mrs. "Mac" (McConnell)


Second Grade - Mrs. Heinzerling


Third Grade - Mrs. Schnorr


Fourth Grade - Mrs. Olmstead


Fifth Grade - Mr. Berliner


Sixth Grade - Section A - Mr. Ireland


6th Grade - Section B